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We find true flavor
in what nature gives us.
The Urzhumskiy Distillery is a group of companies dedicated
to the production of alcoholic beverages since 1833. The quality of the products
has been recognized and awarded internationally in Russia and Germany.
We grow cereals, berries and fruits in an ecological zone of the city of Urzhum. We create vodkas, strong alcoholic beverages, sweet tinctures, bistles, balms (herbal liqueurs).
For the Counterparts.
We offer production by contract,
we sell alcohols and alcoholic juices,
thanks to the complete production cycle
"from the field to the counter".
Our Philosophy
As part of the development policy carried out in the company, at the end of 2013, the "Urzhumskiy Distillery" Corporation successfully approved the Management System certification certifying its compliance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 22000:2005.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 26, 2013, the company has developed and implemented the document support system for industrial safety management systems, created in organizations that operate dangerous production facilities of class I or II.

The documentation of the industrial safety management system was prepared to implement the measures provided for in article 11 of Federal Law No. 116-FZ "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Installations" of July 21, 1997.
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