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Traditions that come from centuries...

The archives that keep the history of Vyatka contain many interesting data that allow us to affirm that Urzhum, the land of Urzhum, contributed to the creation of the traditional Russian product, what we nowadays call the "National Drink".
It all started a long time ago, we can say that in ancient times, when the city of Urzhum appeared. There are many different versions of how this name appeared: "Urzhum". Maybe because of the name of the river, or maybe it was born from a mixture with different languages ... Historians argue about it. But among the many versions there is one that is especially close to the urzhumianos themselves. Even the word itself, Ur-Jum, seems to have a rye and acedo flavor ... And all this is because the Mari people, who have been living next to the current Urzhum since time immemorial, give the rye the name of urzhoy - rozh (rye in Russian). The land in the district of Urzhum is fertile, fed by sun and rain, every year "gives birth" to a rich harvest of rye. Spikelet to spikelet, golden and ripe, are collected in dense sheaves that give all the best to a wonderful drink. It's not about that "low-end" brew that causes a terrible hangover and pushes back the swallowed, which goes, this is the real "water that speaks".
By the way, nobody has dared to build in Urzhum factories that smoke with industrial haze and poison everything that is around. Until now, nature here remains pure and virgin, beautiful and full of inspiration for artists and poets. And the interior of the land of Urzhum maintains crystalline underground waters, carefully extracted by the factory of Urzhum so that they "marry" with the rye and give that same "drink that speaks".
Perhaps the infinite countryside or the air itself inspired here, in the rye lands of Urzhum, almost two centuries ago, the merchant Vyatka Averky Trapitsyn to build a large distillery. After some time, other merchants were inspired by his example, because where else if not here? It should be noted that among them were the famous merchants in Vyatka to this day, Rylov and Zlygostev, as well as Slobodsky's wife of voevoda, Maria Depreys.
The history of the factory.

The true history of the factory of Urzhumskiy began in the year 1833. The honorary citizen, merchant Piotr Lázarevich Matvéiev, founded in those years a distillery in his own land, in the district of Urzhum. The factory gained fame very fast for its products of excellent quality. The fact that the products manufactured by the urzhumian merchant, Matveiev, had a significant demand and that the factory itself began to develop, is evident in the old chronicles that say eloquently "... became a competitor for the supplies of this and other locations for an amount of 115 cubes ». The archival documents of the Vyatka province contain the following information: «A wooden distillery was founded near the payment of Lázarevo by the collegiate secretary of Lázar Pávlovich Matvéiev in 1833». Thus, the year 1833 is considered the year of foundation of the distillery of Roysk.
The factory became famous very fast for its products of excellent quality. As early as 1887, the factory produced almost 50,000 buckets a year, 43 workers and a master craftsman worked at the plant.
Every year, since the foundation of the plant, productivity was growing, and the number of workers was increasing.
The new history of the Urzhum factory began in 1899. It was in this year that a major construction project of the state warehouse of the special internal taxes directorate of Vyatka province began. It should be noted that the work progressed very quickly. Even in those days, the quality here was paramount, therefore the machinery was of foreign manufacture. The factory had installed a "Bayonet" steam engine from the Müller Fugelzang and Co. factory, a water pump from the factory of the Gustav List company, a vertical steam engine from T. Birmingham and a rectifier from the firm Müller Fugelzang, which consisted of a bucket, a copper column, an iron cooler and a steam regulator. A year later, they began producing "Common Vodka" with an alcoholic strength of 37-40%.
In 1918, the plant was nationalized.
By 1934, the plant had its own subsidiary agricultural operation, dining room, stable, pigsty, apiary, bakery, a large population of horses.
In 1940, a liquor and must workshop was set up to produce sweet tinctures, bicycles and fruit liqueurs. The plant was named "Urzhumskiy Distillery".
In the 1950s, the plant was rebuilt, an artesian well was put into service.
For the beginning of the 60s, two more workshops were built, one for packaging and glassware and the other for product delivery.
For the year 1983, the factory produces 5-6 times more alcohol than in the 1950s, and on March 21, 1986, under the order of the MINISTRY OF FOOD INDUSTRY, the operation of the Urzhumskiy Distillery was paralyzed.
Only 5 years later a restoration project was developed.
In 1994, the company was privatized, and on April 1, 1995, the factory resumed its operations.
Exactly 3 years later, after the restructuring of the company, the usual life of the company began again, with the increase in production and the struggle for quality. Again a course of re-equipment and reconstruction was taken.
In 1999, the first brand store "Urzhumka" was inaugurated.
On March 30, 2001, a gas boiler room was put into operation for the centralized heat supply to the Urzhumskiy Distillery (Urzhumskiy SVZ), Urzhumsky MSZ and facilities of the residential area of the city of Urzhum.
From 2002 to 2008, the plant was re-equipped and rebuilt, and in the same period a waste processing workshop was launched for the production of alcohol: dry vinasse. The opening of the workshop allowed solving several problems at the same time: completely eliminate waste, exclude environmental pollution and generate additional employment.
In 2010 and 2011, the "Urzhumskiy Distillery" Joint-Stock Company is the largest taxpayer in the province. This was only possible thanks to investments in the modernization of the production plant and the subsequent increase in production.
In the factory of Urzhum everything was as it was before: the quality of the drinks is controlled with special care, the water is purified in such a way that it becomes pure as a baby's tear, the rye is selected grain by grain; the recipes of the drinks are guarded to preserve in our technological age the taste of that real Urzhum drink.
The work here is no longer manual at all: Austrian bottling lines and high-tech equipment create conditions such that the quality of the beverages produced here can be monitored at each stage. And now, the result of this work has been the recognition of our product. The drinks of the Urzhumskiy Distillery are well known beyond the limits of Vyatka.
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